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Dayhanna Gonzales PA

Dayhanna Gonzales is a certified physician assistant who specializes in family medicine with Tampa General Medical Group. Prior to her current role, Dayhanna was an internal medicine physician assistant with Community Physicians of North Port in North Port, Fla., where she assisted in managing the care of complex patients with multiple comorbidities. Working in health care since 2016, Dayhanna also has experience as an ophthalmology technician and an emergency department scribe.
< Dayhanna completed the Master of Physician Studies program at the University of South Florida, where she also received her bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences. During her training, she completed clinical rotations in several medical specialties, including cardiology, emergency medicine, pediatrics, and women’s health at Tampa General Hospital.

Dayhanna, who is fluent in Spanish, currently sees patients 18 years and older.


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Family Medicine


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