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Scott Simpson Eugene Merritt MD

Dr. Merritt is a combined internal medicine and pediatrics physician. He completed his residency training at Albany Medical Center in Albany, New York, and attended medical school at Saba University School of Medicine, where he earned the Dean of Clinical Medicine award for outstanding clinical performance. As an undergraduate, Dr. Merritt studied philosophy at Wofford College in South Carolina, and subsequently Russian language studies at Odessa National Academy of Law in Odessa, Ukraine, before completing a premedical degree at Saba University School of Medicine. Originally from Rochester Minnesota, Dr. Merritt has lived in North Carolina, California, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Ukraine, Alaska, the Caribbean, Louisiana, and upstate New York before finally settling here in Tampa with his wife Anya, two daughters and extended family. He is proficient in Russian, and enjoys spending his free time playing all manner of sports and musical instruments with his daughters and family.

Dr. Merritt integrates his broad educational and life experiences into his clinical practice. He is passionate about preventive care, pediatric childhood development, management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart disease, and lifestyle modification to establish genuine wellness for his patients.

Dr. Merritt treats patients of all ages.


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